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final event

Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 11:00 am
in the rooms of the evangelical deanery in Überlingen on the promenade

The project "Jewish Lake Constance", funded by "1700 years of Jewish life in Germany", concludes with a lecture by the historian Oswald Burger on the subject: ``Jewish women in Überlingen am See`` and a musical accompaniment on the violin by Jutta Bogen with `` `Jewish Wedding Music``.

The opening speech will be held by Ms. Minia Joneck, as chairwoman of the Jewish community in Konstanz eV, with accompanying words of welcome by Mr. Hasan Ögütcü, Alevitisches Bildungswerk "Șah İbrahim Veli" eV

The final event will take place in the rooms of the evangelical deanery in Überlingen, Grabenstrasse 2.

A guided tour through “Jewish Überlingen” with Mr. Oswald Burger is then planned. Participation is free.


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